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Lasso Healthcare

I've put some things together to help you along as you start your new healthcare plan. PLEASE READ ALL OF THIS to cut down on confusion and frustration!!  As with all things in healthcare, there may be some growing pains but please be patient with it. These plans have incredible benefits and change some times takes a little effort but once you're used to the new benefits it should be smooth sailing.

Remember, your Lasso Healthcare is an MSA Plan. (Medical Savings Account Plan)  These are newer so there may be some growing pains but they are growing in popularity very quickly because the benefits are great and quite unique.


How To Use Your Benefits

So rather than using your Medicare card when you go to the doctor, you will use your Lasso Debit Card as the government has preloaded $2000 onto this card for your use this year and remember this plan has $0 premium.

If you do not use the full $2000 (based on Medicare adjusted rates), anything unused will ROLLOVER and grow your account the following year as the government gives you another $2000 every January. You may grow your account significantly over time.

IF you spend the entire $2000, anything over that you will pay for out of pocket (at Medicare adjusted rates) up to a maximum of $3000. At that point, you will have met your full deductible and Lasso will pay for all costs beyond that without limit. So your maximum liability in any given year is $3000 which is lower than any Medicare Advantage plan's maximum out of pocket limit and is less than most of you were paying in premium on your old plan.  Many of you will not outspend the $2000 and those that do may only do so nominally so you will see a big financial gain.

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND if you are having a huge monthly savings in premium over your old plan, that you set aside 25-50% of what you were paying in monthly premium in case you go over the $2000 that the government gives you, you'll have money set aside to cover things.  You'll still be ahead financially by a good margin.

Your Doctor's Office Doesn't Recognize Lasso

Your Lasso plan is an MSA Plan that works like a Medigap Plan where there is NO NETWORK. You have the freedom to see any doctor that will file with Medicare.


Directly from their literature, "Lasso Healthcare is a non-network MSA plan, so we have "no network" or "contracted providers".  Claims submission does not require a contract and follows the same process used to submit out-of-network PPO claims" so if the doctor is already setup with Lasso it is easy but if they are not, they can reach out to Lasso in 3 different ways to file claims.

  1. Call Provider Services at 833-925-2776 (preferred method)

  2. Email  

  3. Website at

Realistically, we do not expect you to remember all of this so I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND you click the link below and download a copy of the PROVIDER GUIDE that you should present to your doctor's office.  I would print this out and ANY doctor you go to, provide this to them so they know how to file the claim. MSA plans are a newer type of benefit plan and not all providers know about them but over time, they will become more and more commonplace.


2023 Lasso Provider Guide (click here to download then print a copy for all your doctors)


Key Features 

  • Your Lasso plan does NOT have pre-authorization requirements just like top of the line Medigap plans. This is a major advantage over Medicare Advantage plans.

  • Your Lasso plan has NO PREMIUM so for most of you, that is going to be a massive amount of savings

  • Your Lasso plan gives you the first $2000 to spend so your deductible comes in only if you outspend this. Some of you may not come out of pocket a single dollar for healthcare under these circumstances (you always have to pay your Part B premium and maintain a Part D plan)

  • Your Lasso plan will rollover any unused money each year to the next year so you can grow your Medical Savings Account over time

  • At end of life, any funds you've accrued in your Medical Savings Account is YOURS. The government does NOT take it back. You can will it to loved ones and help people you love.

I hope you have good health this year and do not need to use your benefits much. We always want our clients to have great healthcare that they do not need to use.  We'll grow into this together. This is new for us too but the benefits look great and in time I think most of you will grow to really value this plan as that has been the feedback nationally.

Happy New Year and stay healthy!

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