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For the thousands of people we've helped through the years...THANK YOU. We appreciate your loyalty and business more than words can say. If you're happy with us and would like to write a testimonial, please do so below. We humbly thank you!

Message sent. Thank you for the testimonial. We appreciate you greatly.

Recent Testimonials

Eric Schofield provided exceptional direction when he helped me navigate the world of supplemental health insurance. I highly recommend Eric and “Medicare Experts”, as a knowledgeable, supportive and sincere business. Because of Eric’s expertise and professional guidance I was able to secure insurance at a far more reasonable rate than with my previous provider. I sincerely thank Eric for his professional advice and ability to guide me through steps to secure the best insurance option available. He has a pleasant and positive attitude which made what could have been a challenging experience an enjoyable one. I will continue recommending Eric to my family and friends.


   - M. Kanelakos (Wake Forest, NC)





One last thank you for your help in making this easy. I know I could have done it myself and wound up with something suitable, but I believe your guidance gave me the best possible outcome I could have hoped for. I will sing your praises.


   - A. Jagger (Apex, NC)




Eric was so professional and easy to work with. He explained everything and really took the time to answer my questions. I’m not sure what we would have done without him. I highly recommend him!

   - J. Boyette (Clayton, NC)


My current Medicare coverage has been a great company to deal with and to be honest with you, I didn’t think that changing companies would ever be an option in retirement. I appreciate you looking for better financial options. You and the folks at your organization have always been a joy to work with since 2018. It’s wonderful to have someone respond to your questions quickly.

   - S. Weber (Durham, NC)


You have truly been my advocate in this trying-to-find-insurance thing.  I appreciate all of your work on my behalf (and John's) to find affordable insurance for us.  I feel that it was a challenge, and yet you did it!  Thank you, Eric.  Seems like that's not enough to say, but want you to know you and your coworkers are very special in my book.  You went the extra mile and I appreciate it. 

   - S. Herrmann (Raleigh, NC)


Eric was very helpful with clear and concise information that made the whole Medicare puzzle very easy to understand. Eric made moving over to Medicare easy and saved me a lot of time by not having to review dozens of Medicare plans and figuring out which ones meet my needs. I have no doubt he will continue to give outstanding service in the future.

   - G. Ferrari (Fuquay Varina, NC)


I attended Eric's seminar and it was certainly the most robust source of info I found during my process of getting enrolled in Medicare this year. I've been consulting with him ever since, and he has guided me with reliable knowledge and care. I am deeply grateful to have Eric on my team now and going forward.

   - S. Godwin (Hillsborough, NC)


Eric Schofield helped me navigate through the complicated process of applying for Medicare with ease. He answered all of my questions and helped me decide which plans were best for me as I turn 65. He is a very knowledgeable and compassionate person. I trust him and look forward to working with him for many years.

   - L. Ferrari (Fuquay Varina, NC)


I am so lucky to have Eric Schofield as my Medicare guide.I was referred to him by a friend and have been working with him for 4 years. His recommendations are excellent and he is always available for any question you may have. I highly recommend him and I do to anyone that needs help figuring out the Medicare system.

   - B. Byers (Lancaster, SC)


Eric is extremely knowledgeable on all things Medicare and helped us navigate to a very good solution. Do some homework and then work with Eric to develop your plan. We are very happy and highly recommend him.

   - F. Marano (Raleigh, NC)


My wife and I were skipping along happily in the Medicare supplemental world. But alas, my previous employer changed our Medicare supplemental plan to something quite undesirable that changed our skip to a major trip.

We started down another path that led to a referral. It proved to waste precious time. Our annual enrollment clock was ticking. We were at a dead end—we thought. With no exaggeration, we were desperate and fearful.

Finally, our path crossed Eric’s. IMMEDIATELY Eric knew exactly what we needed. He constantly reassured us, communicated with us and 100% delivered. We, with great appreciation, thank and highly recommend Eric and his very skilled staff.

   - R. Grubbs (Belmont, NC)


Eric was recommended by our financial advisor. He has led us through the confusion of Medicare and all of it's regulations. This year he found new plans for the two of us that lowered our monthly cost significantly. We would highly recommend Eric and his team at Medicare Experts.

   - L. Lambe (Kitty Hawk, NC)


I am recently new to medicare insurance, and Eric and team have been great in helping me both understand my medicare options and getting me signed up for the right plans. I originally called Eric because of the flyer I received in the mail, which was far more comprehensive and clear than anything else I had seen on this issue. When I spoke with him, he was very patient and willing to spend the time to fully answer my questions and further explain my options. He is very easy to talk with and is an extremely nice guy. Not only was the process great, but I am convinced that my medicare coverage and costs, for now and in the long run, are likely far better than I would have received if I had not called him. I wholeheartedly give him my highest recommendation!! Thanks Eric.

    - K. Kerr (Raleigh, NC)


I was struggling with trying to pick a Medicare Plan for the first time when I got a flyer in the mail from MedicareExperts and Eric Schofield. I figured what the heck and called. I'm very glad I did. Eric's knowledge and advice helped my wife and I choose plans that we are very comfortable with. Thanks Eric for all your help and quick replies. We look forward to continually working with you.

     – R. Wurm (Durham, NC)   


When I became Medicare eligible, Eric Schofield was recommended to me from a family member. As a State retiree, I had no idea what to do about the coordination of benefits between my employer based plan and Medicare. Eric guided me through all the complicated phases and as insurance has changed through the years, he continues to be a trusted and valuable resource for me. I have been pleased with my coverage and I have great peace of mind knowing that Eric is always looking out for my best interest. If I have questions, I can simply call the office and he has always answered any questions I have. Because of Eric, my healthcare coverage is one area of life I do not have to worry about because he is always looking out for my best interests. Thank you, Eric.
     – J. Catlette (Raleigh, NC)


My medicare enrollment couldn't have been easier--probably because I had already signed up for my Social Security. Was glad to hear hear your trip went well, and that your trip has already happened, given everything that is currently going on! I appreciate your service, and would recommend you to anyone that could use your service. I keep hearing about how so many people have trouble with it, and you made everything easy! Thanks again.

     - K. Strader (Raleigh, NC)


I met Eric Schofield approximately 4 years ago upon a glowing recommendation from my good friend of 38 years.  Eric is extremely knowledgeable,  professional and caring. Eric stays in touch with his clients on a regular basis and always has the latest information without missing a beat.  I always feel very special and cared about and not just another client in his files.  I cannot imagine having anyone else help me with my Medicare needs.
     - L. Dietz (Raleigh, NC)


I was referred to Eric through a friend and was worried because living in Charlotte put me several hours away from his office. I'm glad I decided to make the call because Eric was able to help me remotely more than anyone I spoke to locally. He's always just a phone call away, he replies to messages and his level of knowledge is unmatched. He has looked after us for over a decade now and we hear from him every year. Knowing someone that is so caring and knowledgeable is PRICELESS peace of mind. Thank you for all you do!

     - E. Bristow (Charlotte, NC)


Eric has been my Medicare advisor for over 9 years and it has been one of the most significant relationships of my life. He has looked out for me and provided honest and sound advice over the years and when compared to my friends, I have consistently had better healthcare and paid less! I have referred countless people to him and would recommend him without hesitation! Thank you for always being there.

     - J. Hubbard (Fayetteville, NC)


I attended a Medicare seminar which was conducted by Eric Schofield several months in advance of my enrollment. He gave a thorough explanation of the Medicare enrollment process, including the options available and the pros and cons of each. I enrolled in Medicare Part A and Part B as soon as I was able, but neglected to enroll in the Medicare Supplement and Part D until a few days before the first day of the month in which I turned 65. Eric was out of town when I called, but he went the extra mile to make sure I was enrolled on time, and in the plans that were the best fit for me.

     – S. Dail (Raleigh, NC)


My husband and I are retired professionals and thought we would successfully be able to navigate through all of the information about Medicare but soon became overwhelmed with trying to sort it all out. (very detailed letter, click here for full testimonial)

     - Julie and Ron S. (Wake Forest, NC)


After having known you now for over a decade, Donna and I thought it was about time we let you know how much you have meant to us. Over the years, since turning sixty five, you have been extremely helpful in keeping us informed of the many options and decisions that we have had to make relative to our Health Insurance. As senior citizens it is critical that we have someone, like you, who has proven to be Knowledgeable, Trustworthy, and Sincere in your approach to providing an informative menu of choices that relate to our specific Healthcare needs. It has certainly given us both a great peace of mind knowing we have made the best decisions, for us, and that you are always a phone call away.  We thank you Eric and look forward working with you and your organization for many years to come, Good Lord Willing.
     - David and Donna Debonzo (Raleigh, NC)


As a former business partner with with Optimum Financial Brokerage for Medicare Insurance, the outcomes have been truly beneficial for the Employee and the Employer.

So very often employees who could retire, don’t and they say; “Well I’d like to, but I can’t go without Health Insurance!!” Through Optimum Financial Brokerage and Eric Schofield, we can say, “ But you can retire, enjoy the fruits of your lifelong labor and have the best healthcare possible! Let us show you how!”

Working with Eric means that the Employer provides a few basic bits of information, a place and time to meet and the rest is in capable and experienced hands. The Employee meets in a private and safe environment, one on one and is walked through the process from start to finish.

One of the positive aspects that so few employers realize is the reduction in healthcare claims and depending on the size and demographics of the company, a savings of $250,000.00 annually is possible.

It’s a win / win situation for all persons!

     - L. Brown (Goldsboro, NC)

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